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Through nearly fifty years of ministry, Jim has successfully garnered experience in providing direction through many of life's challenges. His Factor Book series provides insight into the essential elements of spiritual growth both leaders and laymen need in growing in their faith and influence.

The Factor Book Series

The Proximity FactorThe Proximity Factor: Essential Disciplines in a Leader's Spiritual Formation

Book 1

Today's spiritual leader cannot succeed at ministry and leadership until they succeed at the disciplines necessary to build a strong spiritual base. Expertise and elevated skill levels can take a leader only so far - still short of God's design.

Before they can effectively lead others, they have to lead themselves in the spiritual disciplines from which the revelation of God's plan for their lives and ministries come.

Publication Date: July 27, 2014
Language: English
Print Length: 144 pages
Kindle Available: Yes

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The Pursuit FactorThe Pursuit Factor: Faith That Comes From Agreement With God

Book 2

A great discussion centers on the subject of faith. My purpose in writing this book is to dispel the notion fostered by many in the Body of Christ that faith is dependent on our ability to command God's answer to our prayers. Some pray with great results and others seem mystified and abandoned by the apparent divine silence. The key to praying in faith is to pray in agreement with God.

Agreement with God comes only from being in His presence. There is no substitute for quality time spent listening for the contents of the Father's heart. They alone direct us toward a victory that God conceived long before we even had an awareness of His potential spiritual impact on our lives. He had been waiting for that moment in which we turned our hearts to explore the possibility that we could hear His voice and gain direction for living.

Publication Date: December 31, 2021
Language: English
Print Length: 94 pages
Kindle Available: Yes

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The Providence FactorThe Providence Factor: When God Shapes a World-Changer

Book 3

Every person needs to gain an understanding of the process in which God weaves differing textures and colors into the fabric of their lives. He allows unexpected circumstances and situations as a necessary part of their development. All they see and feel is the pain and discomfort associated with a particular test or trial. Yet, God has a plan. He knows what is ahead. He's shaping a world-changer. He knows who will emerge from the process and who will become the leader He destined for them to be.

The process-like the weaving of a beautiful tapestry-permits only a limited view during the weaving process. The intended leader can only see the knots and junctures normally associated with the backside of a tapestry. God sees the finished product prior to its completion. He prepares the leader for the day in which they will see the beautiful masterpiece He has woven into their life. This book recounts events in the life of Joseph and how God used those events to develop him for the providential task of saving two nations.

Publication Date: October 8, 2015
Language: English
Print Length: 222 pages
Kindle Available: Yes

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There Had Better Be A CornerThere Had Better Be a Corner!

Everyone has a journey. Every journey validates the individual's progress toward their promise. Every journey is designed by God to develop His child's faith that "what He promised, He will provide."

Every journey, no matter how tedious or difficult, takes us closer to the blessings "just around the corner."

Publication Date: November 13, 2019
Language: English
Print Length: 145 pages
Kindle Available: Yes

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